Safe Surf

The SafeSurf Rating Standard is a voluntary rating system designed to protect children. It was developed with input from thousands of parents and Net citizens, worldwide.

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Award Sites

A highly respected award rating service for award programs.  Award Sites! has grown from its inception in early-1997 from being the first web / internet award rating service to a mother of independent niche sites that all had their start as a feature within AS!  And while its reaching goes well beyond its role as the premiere rating service . . . it has never lost its focus on "Bettering The Net By Striving For Excellence". 

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Awards-Awards is a web directory for award programs.

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Astral Peer Award

Peer Program survey of the very best websites on the Internet will reveal that the most important aspects of any site design are clean HTML code and graphics, easy-to-use menus and clear navigation, good choices of fonts and colors, correct spelling and grammar, and a seamless continuity of original content.

Website Awards
Worksheet - hundreds of Award Sites

Awards Worksheet

The Website Awards Worksheet is a free resource!
It helps you apply for Web awards and track your activities.
Apply to hundreds of Award Sites around the world!


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Firestarter Award Index

The Firestarter Award Index lists quality Award programs.

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Olymp-Award Index
The Olymp Award Index is open to everybody. They welcome new award programs as well as experienced ones. Any qualified applicant can achive a rating between 1 and 6. Level 1 being the Beginner and Level 5 being the Expert! Level 6 assigns the team. The Olymp Award Index is also always ready to lend a helping hand to any webmaster trying to learn the awards program business.

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WebAwards Program

Webawards provides assessments for web sites and gives ratings on them.  Highly respected award program. They are supportive of the many other services provided within the awards community andl provide quality benefits for applicants and members through the quality resources, skills and assistance they provide

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United  Web Site Award Givers

United Web Site Award Givers is a concept which began in 2001, whereby those who offer website awards and the web site owner or designer seeking an award could be part of the same community.  This joint effort for excellence in web design has allowed for a large group of men and women who have devoted a great deal of their time for superior web design in all aspects.


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F.R.I. Award Index

Rated award program with ratings from 1 to 5.

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