Free People Animation

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   old guy.gif (24768 bytes)


older is good.gif (71962 bytes)



blue_guy.gif (12353 bytes)

goober.gif (6885 bytes)

doctor animation


              chefs_2.gif (7672 bytes)

dancin bob.gif (33337 bytes)

young man reading animation

         dancing lady animation

fat_old_guy.gif (122085 bytes)

guy hammering animation        mopping animation

painter animation                chef with cake animation

janitor with broom animationbutcher animation
construction worker animation

plumber animation            grandmother with pie animation



cutie.gif (10261 bytes)

Hilda drinking coffee in night gown.JPG (61692 bytes)

ethel.gif (36959 bytes)

origin unknown

View large Ethel here.   Really cute

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