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The Reach for the Stars Award is not easily attained and winners have outstanding web sites.  We invite you to check out their superior sites.

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October 2005
Animation Playhouse  -  Gold Award
A site of free and custom animation.
Sue's Signatures - Gold Award
Beautiful signatures and tags with pictures and dazzle.

November 2005

December 2005
DISKA's Photos   Gold Award
Really cool nature desktop wallpapers
About Korea  Gold Award
Web Master's art work and graphic design and photos. Extensive resource for information on the country of South Korea, as well as a resident award program.
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Shadielane Kennels   Silver Award
Shadielane Kennels website  is a  dog breeder of Boston Terriers, Chihuahua's and Chinese Cresteds.  Lots of good photos of their breeds.
    Liza Kliko's Digital Artworks 
Gold Award
Liza Kliko's portfolio, displays different styles of modern digital art, created using various software. The site also offers free material such as wallpapers, calendars, awards, templates and backgrounds.
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Different Worlds   Silver Award
A parent support/web site for parents that have children with Asperger Syndrome or an Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Lookinglass Works Visionary & Spiritual Art  Gold Award
Mystical and spiritual artwork and visionary fiction celebrating the inner journey of the female psyche by Lauren Halkon.
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Arcanelife   Gold Award
A personal eclectic site where  you never know what you might find on your return visits. There is varying content such as personal memoirs, information on the rare Virginia Fairy Stones, a beautiful cemetery gallery, an awards program and more.
Ciosbahn   Silver Award
The site is dedicated to Ciosbahn's fantasy railways and to the city of Cioppensburg, an imaginary city set in Switzerland.
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A Place in the Sun   Bronze Award
A personal site that contains humorous web related pages (eg, Email bloopers and the Computer Wars), A tribute to cats, a tour into the future and the past courtesy of Stanley Kubrick, quotes, interactive story writing, a greeting card service, midi downloads, games, tools and so much more !
Danny's Web Page  Silver Award
A website about  Daniel Blanc  written lovingly by Peter Blank, Daniel's grandfather.  A family tree and video of Daniel as he is growing up.
Machiavelli Gold Award
A site about Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469 to 1527 Italian Statesman widely regarded as the father of modern political theory.
Gurustu's Words of Wisdom - Gold Award
Gurustu takes an enlight-hearted look at life. Motivating others through inspirational articles, reflective daily thoughts, humorous cartoons and the ever-popular LifeWatch.
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Down Home Harriers - Silver Award
A site all about Harrier Hounds
CAMERADIO - Silver Award
Amateur Radio and Photography, with pages on History,Calculators and Trivia.
San Miguel Now - Silver Award
San miguel de allende, mexico is a tropical, fragrant city full of romance and history, it will welcome you into its heart and show you the time of your life. This site is a city guide so that you might enjoy the wonders without hassle.
The Beat Post International - Gold Award
An English, Danish homepage. Site has an award program. 20.000 jokes in 5 languages, Lots of fun, pictures and graphics.
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David's Place Themes - Silver Award
Free Desktop Themes, Screensavers, Wallpapers and ICQ Skins. Awards Program and a page for 9/11.
Turmoil Leads to Hope - Bronze Award
Website which offers hope and support to victims of abuse and tragedy.
Campbell County Tn Local History Network is a Free genealogy help site. Records of all types to get started finding your families origin.
Monella PersiansSilver Award
Monella Persians is a "CFA cattery of excellence 2005" & FIFe registered, working with some of the best imported bloodlines from the US & UK, constanly producing top show cats.
The Oceans Below - Bronze Award
Photos of scuba diving around the world.  Free underwater animation.


Garisdene Swedish Lapphund - Gold Award
Site is dedicated into the loving memory of  webmaster's first dog Gari.  On the website you will meet webmaster's dogs, read about their characteristics and breed descriptions.
Chinese New Year Customs and Culture Silver Award
Chinese new year customs and culture was created for everybody who wish to know more about Chinese customs and culture whole year round.
Thinking is Believing  Bronze Award
"Thinking is Believing" mentalist show.
Sportcartoons International   Bronze Award
Cartoons about soccer
Jack A. Neal, Photographer  Gold Award
A virtual gallery for the presentation and promotion of fine art and editorial photography by Jack A. Neal.
NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn 
Bronze Award
A tribute to a Canadian woman who studied at RADA, Heatherley's and the BBC in London. There are  photos of her paintings, information about her life in wartime England and follow her footsteps in NZ when she painted for 40 years and founded Porirua Little Theatre.
Fishing Around Singapore Angler Hotspots  Bronze Award
Fishing around Singapore angler hotspots was created for angler who use fishing rigs with hook tying knots on common baits or lures to catch any types of fish.
Phat Lady Lingerie  Bronze Award
Lingerie by Phat Lady offers a selection of lingerie, jewelry, plus free downloads, romance tips, Daily Horoscopes, Current Moon Phases, Crosswords, Web Awards Program & more.


Firestarter Pyrography Gold Award
Pyrographic artist specializing in burning design onto wood & leather. From spoons to boxes, clocks to plaques. Ideal personalized gifts for a special occasion or personal treat!
Neo Rococo  Silver Award 
Free custom original graphics for personal or non profit web sites.  There is also an art gallery.